Family Pests

Everyone has that one annoying aunt or uncle, or at least one annoying family member, especially during the holidays, when you have to put up with all of the annoying family at once. Of course, you love them to death, but it seems harder every year to deal with them. Well, here’s some helpful tips to keep cool during the holidays.

It seems like your family members always have something smart to say, whether it be about your appearance or about something you did, and you can’t really insult them back because you know you’ll get in trouble in front of everyone and yikes.

“I just smile and then walk away and roll my eyes because what else can you do,” Freshman Ariana Deshazer said.

Try to fake laugh or pretend your mom is calling you and try to walk away. Remember that they’re only there for a few hours or just for the day so smile and walk away.

Then, the even more annoying bugs we call our little siblings and little cousins that decide they want to come in your room and destroy everything in sight can really hit a nerve no one else is able to. Junior Melina Perez has gone as far as bribing her young family.

“When they begin to become annoying I try to bribe them with food to leave me be,” Perez said.

Everyone has that one family member that loves to go on and on about something crazy. It’s so hard to try and ignore them, so you kind of just have to sit and smile through it.

Freshman Gyani Hayes related to this, stating,“I try to get my older brother to come over and get involved so I can sneak away from all the crazy.”

In the end, family is family and there’s nothing you can do to change, sadly, but it’s always worth it and at the end of the day, they just want what’s best for you. They bug so much mainly because they love you.