College Football Bowl Game Previews

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With the end of the football season coming up fast, the schedule for the bowl games were released recently. The bowl game, a postseason game which is usually the last game for most of the teams, will be crucial for a victory. With the college seniors, this may be their last time to play the game officially. Some of the other big players who might be going into the draft will be having their last time to get a win before going up to the professional level. Then, all the other players who have a chance to get a bowl game victory will be pushing there all to get the win.


24 Iowa State Cyclones Vs. 13 Washington State Cougars

Friday December 28th @ 6:00 pm

This year’s Alamo Bowl will feature two top 25 ranked teams in the nation; the Iowa State Cyclones, 24th ranked in the nation, will take on the Washington State Cougars, 13th ranked in the nation.

Prediction : Washington State Cougars

The Washington State Cougars had a great season making it towards the end of the season with a chance to be ranked in the top 4, all for a chance to make it to the national championship. They then had some unfortunate losses towards the end of the season which lead them to be ranked 13th in the nation. This bowl faced a lot of controversy from the side of the Washington State Cougars, but wouldn’t change. The Washington State Cougars come in with the fact of their redemption of the ranking and look to take care of that inconsistency they had towards the end of the season. With the Cougars at full power, the Cyclones defense will have a hard time and give up a lot of big plays.


10 Florida Gators Vs. 7 Michigan Wolverines

Saturday December 29th @9:00 am

This year’s Peach Bowl will feature two well known college football programs: the Florida Gators, ranked 10th in the nation, and the Michigan Wolverines, ranked 7th in the nation. The winner will take home the trophy and be winner the of the 2018 Peach Bowl.

Prediction : Michigan Wolverines 

These two teams both had losses that weren’t predicted during the season which lead them to be in the bottom 10 of the rankings. The Florida Gators were in a little trouble at the beginning of the season, but fixed it up towards the end of the season. Michigan also had some troubles within their schedule, but fought through them and also fixed it up. The Michigan Wolverines look to bounce back from the devastating lost against Ohio State. With the performance Michigan had against Notre Dame in the beginning of the season, they can beat this Gators team.


3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Vs. 2 Clemson Tigers

Saturday December 29th @ 1:00 pm

This year’s National Championship Semi-Final will feature Notre Dame Fighting Irish, ranked 3rd in the nation, going against the Clemson Tigers, ranked 2nd in the nation, in the Cotton Bowl. The winner will go on to face the winner of the Orange Bowl for the national championship.

Prediction : Notre Dame Fighting Irish 

This match up is big for both teams and they come in almost as equals from the season. Clemson has been a overall good team this year on both sides. On the other side, Notre Dame has had troubles with their offensive while there defense has shined. Notre Dame doesn’t want to pass up this chance on finally making a run for the national championship. Notre Dame’s defense will outshine the Clemson Tiger’s consistency and come out on top.


4 Oklahoma Sooners Vs.  1 Alabama Roll Tide

Saturday December 29th @ 5:00 pm

This year’s National Championship Semi-Final will feature the Oklahoma Sooners, ranked 4th in the nation, facing the Alabama Roll Tide, ranked 1st in the nation, in the Orange Bowl. The winner will have a chance to win the national championship against the winner of the Cotton Bowl.

Prediction : Alabama Roll Tide

Alabama, man, Alabama: they have created one of the biggest dynasty’s in college football, even with the factor of their players leaving. Alabama’s offense has been on fire this year with the factor of Tua Tagovailoa their quarterback. Even with the Oklahoma Sooners and Heisman Winner Kyle Murray, Alabama will have the defense needed for this game. The Sooners offensive-line won’t be enough for the defensive-line of Alabama. The factor of Tua Tagovailoa being hurt won’t change much either if he plays or doesn’t play. The performance we saw from backup quarterback Jalen Hurts last game was incredible and the Roll Tide have everything they need to win.


11 Louisiana State University Tigers Vs.  8 University of Central Florida Knights

Tuesday January 1st @ 10:00 am

The Fiesta Bowl will be a big watched bowl with the Louisiana State University Tigers, ranked 11th in the nation, taking on the University of Central Florida Knights, ranked 8th in the nation.

Prediction : University of Central Florida Knights

The UCF Knights who have been undefeated for two seasons finally got the bowl game they wanted. Their situation has faced a lot of controversy with the fact of not losing, but also playing teams that aren’t ever ranked higher than 50 in the nation. They finally have their shot to show everyone what they can do against other big teams. LSU has been very inconsistent this year and UCF can take advantage of that. With the loss of their starting quarterback, UCF has to fight, but their defense can come out on top.


9 Washington Huskies Vs. 6 Ohio State Buckeyes

Tuesday January 1st @ 2:00 pm

This year, the big Rose Bowl will feature two of the biggest teams in college football. The Washington Huskies, ranked 9th in the nation, will take on The Ohio State Buckeyes, ranked 6th in the nation.

Prediction : Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes come into the game as the higher ranked team in the match up, but also more experienced. The Buckeyes will win this because of the teams they matched up against this season. The Huskies defense is scary, but the buckeyes will be able to overcome that with a performance like they had against Michigan, where they put up 62 points against the Wolverines. The team and staff will be coming to make a statement for head coach Urban Meyer, who announced he will be retiring after this season, so this bowl game will be one of the last games he coaches for.


15 Texas Longhorns Vs. 5 Georgia Bulldogs

Tuesday January 1st @ 5:45 pm

The Sugar Bowl this year will feature the Texas Longhorns, 15th ranked, and the Georgia Bulldogs, 5th ranked.

Prediction : Georgia Bulldogs

These two teams both had great seasons. The Georgia Bulldogs had a chance to make top 4 and be in the run for a national championship, but ended up losing by a a comeback from the Alabama Roll Tide. The bulldogs come in wanting this win after the loss against Alabama and they have everything they need to do so.

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