Conclusion to League of Legends Tryouts

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Conclusion to League of Legends Tryouts

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E-sports club ended their League of Legends tryouts for their new League of Legends teams. There was a great turnout, but only ten students are accepted into the teams.

The reason why tryouts were held mainly to help the board members decide who to put on their teams.

“Once we decide on who is going to be on a team, we could train with them and then we could actually go in tournaments to win money,” said junior Jefrin Jojan.

They also need to practice with the people who are going to play.

Another reason is “to decide who we spend most of our time into so we don’t kinda waste our time on people who don’t want to participate,” said junior Sean Im.

Around 20 students participated in the tryouts. E-sports club were expecting that many students to participate since many have an interest in the game.

The matches were run by first, each participant filling out a survey. Then they would go to a set up and run practice rounds, friendly match between teams, with each other.

While the practice rounds were in process, the board members took note of what role students played and how they were able to work in a team.

Finally, high ranked players would judge the participants.

“[We would] see who is the best, not only in performance but as a personality wise,” said junior Sean Im.

There were no requirements for the tryouts except if you are able to play League of Legends.

In the run of the tryouts the board members did run into a problem, which was scheduling.

“Everybody is busy, so trying to get everyone together on one day,” said junior Jefrin Jojan

Another problem e-sports club ran into is having limited time.

With that limited time, only one match and feedback can be done .

The way board members solved the problems is by having the League of legends tryouts run for many weeks, which turned out to be a success.

E-sports club was able to finish the tryouts and thanks teachers Sam Winn and Kelly Charles for allowing them to hold the tryouts in their room.

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