Christmas Do’s and Don’ts

Tis’ the season to be jolly with your friends and family. As Christmas brings much joy, there are some moments where calamity might break out and things can get hectic. That being said, here are a few things that you should certainly do during your Christmas shenanigans (and a few you definitely shouldn’t).


Hide Those Keys

In this sense, we don’t mean literally to hide the keys, we mean just to secure any rooms that have any valuables or rooms where little ones can make a mess.

We all have very young cousins who can sneak into a room and cause terror. Make sure those rooms are either locked or have their doors closed, so young ones know not to go in there. Having them go into your room can cause worry and stress.

Sometimes you may want to go into your room with cousins your age, and that’s fine as long as you make sure the little ones don’t make a mess. The most irritating thing to do after the holidays is cleaning stuff up. Don’t let your room become ‘stuff.’

Saying Hi and Bye

For the final ‘do’: please say your greetings and farewells to your family members. This may be the second most important thing that you do (after, of course, not talking about politics).

Whether you are social or not, just saying hello and goodbye is the courteous thing to do. You don’t have to have a conversation with them, but if you say hi and bye, it shows that care to a certain degree. I mean, family is important after all, and I promise you that you probably don’t see distant family very often.

If you do have trouble saying hello or goodbye, you always could give a wave or “wassup” nod. If you make it seem like you are doing something very important, that could be your way out of talking. Although, don’t be shy, it’s family. It doesn’t hurt to say “how’s it going” and “see ya later.”


Politics with the Fam

This ain’t it chief.

We say the number one thing not to do at the dinner table or when family is around is to talk about politics. Seriously. If it so much as rhymes with Trump don’t say it.

Politics are the number one way to have a family argument break out, and that’s not what you want. We know some of you devious children love to see drama, especially when yelling and clapbacks are involved. Even though a good clapback is just quality entertainment, it’s unfortunately better to have a nice and peaceful Christmas.

Do not bring up anything about politics. This includes the recent elections, CNN, Fox News, and President. Everybody has different viewpoints, and you shouldn’t let those opinions get in the way of a nice Christmas.

Politics are a no bueno. Period.

God is for Sunday

Please do yourself a favor and respect your family’s beliefs and opinions. It’s a similar issue to the don’t mention anything about religion, especially is your family practices different religions.

Now, there may be some instances where you can speak about religion. If you know your entire family is one religion, then it’s okay to talk about, after all, it is Christmas, but it’s also wise to be careful with what you say. Though your entire family may be the same religion, some people still have different perspectives on their religion. Don’t say anything that could cause a little argument to break out.

Breaking the Glass (Or Anything)

Another thing do not during Christmas, especially at the table, it breaking any type of glassware, cutlery, or plates/bowls.

Now, though this may be a given, it can be difficult at times to not break something. Accidents happen, but you don’t wanna be the one breaking the china and then having to clean it up. It’s embarrassing!

A quick suggestion could be using paper plates, bowls, and cups. They are much lighter, easier to move, and won’t cause a shattering party if dropped. Now, some families don’t like using paper anything, and if your family is one of them, don’t panic. Just be careful. Don’t put too much food on your plate and make it heavier than you can take. You can always get seconds, don’t worry, there’s plenty of food.


Many consider the holidays to be the best time of the year. Whether you disagree or not, you can’t argue that it is a time for family and friends to have fun while enjoying each other’s company.

Though it may be a time of joy, just make sure you are cautious with what you do and what you say. It could be the difference from making a peaceful Christmas to one of chaos. Inform your friends and family; there are plenty of things you shouldn’t do during the holidays, but one thing you absolutely should: love and enjoy your family. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year!