Christmas Favorites



December is here and we all know what that means. It’s the month of Christmas! Time to get in the Christmas spirit with decorating, shopping, and most of all, the holiday movies. Students are excited for this upcoming holiday and they celebrate with warm-hearted movies.

Memories are made during this holiday season. Sophomore Justin Mykovich explains how his favorite holiday movie ties with good memories.

¨ [My favorite is] Griswolds Family Vacation. I used to watch it with my dad a lot so it just brings back a lot of memories, it’s also kind of funny,” said Mykovich. 

Holiday movies can be a lot more than the general “jolly” concept, Junior Regi Ramos explores that very idea.

¨[My favorite is] The family man, 2000 version with Nicolas Cage. Best movie I’ve seen since it gives more of a regret type of story implied.¨

Freshman Isabella Vise liked a classic popular holiday that even takes over the internet with it’s memes.

¨[My favorite is] The Grinch, it’s really funny. It’s just a good movie. Have you seen the memes?”

Christmas would not be the same without the originals. Senior John Hendry liked a particular classic for the movies twist.

“I like home alone, it’s really funny how he was just able to trick them all the time,” said Hendry. 

Christmas is the perfect time to reunite with family and friends and bond, and what better way to do it then curl up in a blanket and watch holiday movies?