Mixing Up the Contest

Door Decorating At A-TECH


Jeremiah Mendoza, provided by Keith Thomsen

Student Council is trying something different November 28 through December 9, using an event that happens every year at A-TECH which is decorating doors. The door decorating contest has switch up a little.

“A-TECH’s having their very own door decorating contest this year,” said teacher Keith Thomsen who sent letters to all teachers.

This year is different, this year’s door decorating competition 1st place will earn a $50 gift card and 2nd and 3rd place will earn $25 gift cards. What makes this year different is that teachers now don’t need to drag themselves to earn that $50, they can have an “army” to help them.

“If you have the idea, we can help you make it happen… we have [an army] who is eager to help out,” Thomsen said.

STU-CO offers help to teachers who want several extra helping hands and encourage the teachers to use them so that the holiday spirit sparks. 

“It’s just something we wanted to do for the holidays,” said Tanya Yap, student body president.

If the teachers what to have this service from a special group of students they need to do just one thing.

“Please fill out the Google form,” Thomsen requested.

With this competition coming up, A-TECH teachers are more encouraged to bring the holiday spirit to the school. Many teachers have started planning their decorations using the extra help provided by STU-CO and only time will tell which is the best.