DECA’s Angel Tree

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DECA’s Angel Tree

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From November 13th to December 7th, DECA has been asking for donations for their “Angel Tree” at A-TECH. This “Angel Tree” is where they collect toys and games for children in kindergarten to make their Christmas a little more joyful.

DECA is receiving help from Student Council as well to collect gifts and receive help wrapping those gifts.

“Student Council is going to be helping get gifts and helping us wrap them up. And we are gonna try to distribute those gifts to kids, mostly ones in need. And we wanna help out and give back to the community,” said junior Donny Chen.

Math teacher Kim McNair-Styles says there will be about 300 kids they will be giving gifts to.

“We are giving the gifts to three different elementary schools. Long Elementary School, Bracken Elementary School, and Beckley Elementary School. We are gonna go there the week before break. We have about 300 hundred kids!”

When asked how she felt about the experience, she said it was one of joy.

“The reason I started doing this is that I wanted the kids to know what giving their heart is all about. And that is what our club is all about, community service. So when I started thinking about these kids that are not gonna get anything, it broke my heart and everybody else’s too. So we’ve been doing this for about 10 years now. It really makes me feel good to know that we can give a part of us to them so they can enjoy Christmas as we do. And it also makes my kids realize that they are lucky, and not everybody is lucky like they are.”

McNair-Styles believes that the experience teaches the members of DECA something valuable as well as making them feel good with what they are doing.

“When we go and deliver ’em, the kids don’t know what it’s about. They’re just all in the cafeteria. They have no clue what’s going on, and then all of a sudden they get a gift, and they are like, ‘this is the only gift I’m going to get for Christmas’. Some of the kids go, ‘can I save this for Christmas so I can open this Christmas morning’. And we’re like ya and tears are just coming down their cheeks. And it breaks our hearts you know, it makes us feel good to know that these kids are sitting there and they’re gonna get a gift, and we helped do that,”McNair Styles said.

The “Angel Tree” will help give kindergarten students a gift for Christmas they may not have gotten otherwise. With the help of Student Council, DECA will be able to make 300 kids’ Christmas a little brighter this holiday season.



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