Synold Announces A-TECH 2

Every once in a while, a new invention comes along that changes everything. A-TECH’s been very fortunate. It’s been able to introduce a few of these to the world. In 1994, A-TECH introduced A-TECH. It didn’t just change schools in CCSD, it changed the entire education system in Nevada. In 2003, A-TECH introduced the East Wing and it didn’t just change the way we walk to class, it changed the whole walking industry.

Well today, A-TECH principal Jonathan Synold introduced three revolutionary of this class. The first one doesn’t matter, the second doesn’t matter, and the third: a new A-TECH. Its name? A-TECH 2.

“It’s A-TECH 2!” said Synold, slamming his fists on the desk. “What’s so hard to understand about it! It’s A-TECH, but better!”

Synold has high hopes for this second revision of A-TECH. Massive ambitions, like a fourth vending machine and bigger bathrooms. However, he’s also open to student suggestions.

“We should have an underground bunker, to protect against missiles from North Korea,” said freshman Joseph Shaffer.

“How about make the teachers more attractive?” said freshman Adam Thomas.

“We’re not allowed to say that!” said Shaffer.

Leaked blueprints submitted to us at the Maverick Pulse revealed more malicious plans, however, with A-TECH 2. One blueprint, in specific, caught our eye for it’s possible threat to the entire student population.

Michael Castaneda

A “super bathroom,” of the sorts. Not much is known at this point. However, I feel as if this could be a possible threat to the human population. I’ll keep this article updated as more information comes in.

UPDATE 1 – Mr. Synold has asked me to come to his office. I suspect this has something to do with the blueprints.

UPDATE 2 – It’s been 2 days. I haven’t been let out of this cage. The bathroom must have been something very grave to him. I need to keep this short before he finds me: do not go to A-TECH 2.

UPDATE 3 – It’s been 20 days. Please help. I’ll use this last strength I can muster to warn you all: DO NOT GO TO A-TECH 2.  BEFORE MR. SYNOLD FINDS YOU AND