The Business State Test

Through February 28, 2019 to March 1st, 2019, juniors of the business program will be taking a state test. Junior year is the completion year for the business program, so this a test on the knowledge garnered years prior.

Currently, the students have started a journal in preparations for their tests. Future efforts will be made such as different activities, different research assignments, and playing the role manager and customer. Next year students will be working with business owners to give them an insight to the actual operation.

However, despite the number of preparations that into the test, it is still going to be a challenge as instructor for business program Sherry Stidhum explained.

“The test is difficult for a lot of students who have not been in a business environment,” Stidhum said. “You really don’t use a lot of the language in your everyday conversation, and you really are not thinking like a manager in the way you make decisions as a teenager, so the test is more difficult than most people expect it to be.”

Despite the test being described as difficult Junior, Eric Ye sees it differently.

“I’m very excited for the test,” Ye said. “Its like a badge of achievement. I‘ve been in this program for three years, and it gives me a sense of pride to know I‘ve seen it through.

The state test is going to be touching on all of the standards that fall under business management under the Nevada Department of Education. These standards are going to be met with goals they have throughout the year.

All programs offered at A-TECH, with the exception of legal studies, takes the test. However, they will be taking the test when they merge with Criminal Justice next year.