Business to the Rescue!


Kiana-Leoni Balalio, Warner Bros.

Up, up, and away the Business program goes with the start of Business Principles’ superhero-based project, which started on November 30th.

The creative project is being used as a review for the units previously learned where students will “be creating a superhero that corresponds to a specific part in a business,” explained freshman Amairani Reyes.

Students are meant to compile research in groups and design a superhero that relates to all nine areas of Business. They are expected to apply their research and develop a hero with powers and, of course, an explanation to how they relate to business concepts.

“The areas are finance, human resource, reduction, management, accounting, marketing, information management, purchasing and operation,” added Sherry Stidhum, the Principles of Business teacher.

While the idea of the project is to add more creativity, sophomore Wendy Obregon sees it differently.

“I love that this project allows us to work with others cooperatively. I think that aspect of it enables us to learn more and enjoy the learning process all throughout.”

She later added, “I also think that creating a superhero distances its purpose. If it were up to me, I would like to get the knowledge in the real world and solely focus on real word events, examples, situations, etc..”

The project is without a doubt an imaginative one, so to all the Business students, we hope your heroes don’t die in Avengers 4.