They Did Surgery on a Grape

As of this past week, the phrase “They did surgery on a grape” has been circulating around the internet as a meme based on a video posted by news network Cheddar demonstrating the capabilities of a medical robot by performing surgery on a grape.

“They did surgery on a grape”, said graphics design teacher and grape lover Kelly Charles.

The video by Cheddar originates from a YouTube video posted by the channel Premier Health back in Nov. 2014 showcasing the precision that the Da Vinci Surgical System robot is capable of. The robot performed mock surgery on a single grape, creating incisions on the skin and taking a piece off of the grape.

“They did surgery on a grape,” said senior and grape lover Andrea Navarro.

The meme gained traction when Instagram user simpledorito posted a screenshot of Cheddar’s video on November 19th, 2018 with the caption “They did surgery on a grape.” Three days later, simpledorito posted the same screenshot, except with multiple captions humorously overlayed on the image, all saying “They did surgery on a grape.”


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They did surgery on a grape

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“They did surgery on a grape,” said Instagram user and grape lover simpledorito.

Social media quickly flooded with the same aforementioned phrase, spawning variations of the phrase as memes. However, the phrase is most commonly left unchanged.

“They did surgery on a grape,” said Twitter social media influencer and grape lover mikumiku_ebooks.

The original surgery was performed in the U.S. at Edward Hospital, an Australian healthcare provider, under the direction of surgeons in 2010. The surgical machine was profound for its time for its precision, carefully wielding 3 small robotic arms used for holding the grape, performing incisions, and picking up the skin.

Edward Hospital has yet to reply to this upsurgence of internet interest on robotic surgical procedures being performed on grapes.