National Birthdays

Other than birthdays and national holidays in the U.S, there are important days going unnoticed: national days. A numerous amount of people don’t realize that many of them fall on their birthdays.

Kayla Vo, a 9th grader in the High School of Business program area, was unaware of her birthday being on national Kiss And Makeup Day.

“My birthday is August 25 and I did not know my birthday was on Kiss And Make Up day. That’s really weird but cool at the same time,” said Vo.

She would of wanted her birthday to be on a different national day instead.

“I would change my birthday to national girlfriend day because it sounds like a lovely day to have a birthday on,” mentioned Vo.

Gideon Salagubang, a 10 grader in the computer science program area, was shocked when he found out what national day falls on his birthday.

“My birthday is October 25 and no I did not know my birthday falls under national fast food day. That’s probably why I am always eating McDonald’s,” mentioned Salagubang.

Salagubang would prefer his birthday to be on a national holiday instead, along with other national days.

“Due to my family not celebrating Halloween, I would love to be able to go out and  be able to get candy while dressing up instead of getting candy from a candy bag my parents give us,” mentioned Salagubang.

Other people may actually want to keep the national day that falls on their birthday. Victoria Lindemann thinks it’s a coincidence how her birthday is on her favorite pie day.

“I don’t think I want my birthday to be on a different national day because I love Banana Cream Pie. It is my favorite, and no one makes it better than my grandmother,” mentioned Lindemann.

National days can be really interesting. Everyone has a national birthday, whether they know it or not. Go ahead and check yours.