Maverick Winter Season Fashion

With the upcoming winter season, some Mavericks are getting excited for the fashion that comes along with winter. From heavier jackets to layering, this winter season will bring a new scope for Mavericks to bring their fashion game!

Some of our Mavericks broke down their favorite clothes to pair together for the season and opinions on winter season fashion.

Senior Hannah Nelson’s favorite winter outfit is a denim jacket paired together with a grey hoodie, black jeans, and black high top converse. However, her favorite season isn’t winter.

“I think I prefer summer over winter because you see a lot of the same type of style over the winter while in summer, you see a lot more diversity with dresses, shorts, and more things like short-sleeved shirts,” said Nelson.

Senior Dexter Corpuz was the next Maverick to tell us his favorite winter outfit, which was a black hoodie with a red flannel, black jeans, and CDG Converse.

“I believe that a lot of people really like winter clothes because it makes you warm and cozy. Winter season being the coldest time of the year also allows people to layer their clothes; which is a huge part of fashion,” said Corpuz.

Senior Frank Solis let us know that his favorite winter outfit is , a navy blue shirt with a long black sleeve, grey joggers, and black and blue Vans.

Many students want a starting tip on how to make their style a bit better; Solis was willing to give some on winter fashion.

“For starting, playing it safe and using a neutral color, like gray, as basis for an outfit. Using a color like this and combining it with any other color makes an outfit pop out and adds more style to your outfit,” said Solis.

This upcoming winter season is one to get excited about if you are interested in fashion.