The Legend of Zelda Featuring Linkle


Brandon Sumulong

Several rumors about the next Legend of Zelda game may have a female Link. Players will have the option of picking two different Links: a male and a female, showing how any person can be a hero instead of one specific person.

The Legend of Zelda introduces Linkle; a DLC character that was released in Hyrule Warriors destined to become a reincarnated hero. According to her concept art, it is possible that she is the female version of Link.

The Zelda fan database has different opinions about Linkle. Many fans liked the idea of having a female Link considering she would have a stand alone game in the Zelda universe and an interesting experience to see her take the role as the Hero of Time. Other fans oppose the idea because it would feel out of place to interchange the protagonist into a female.

Linkle became popular after fans have seen sketches and art during the development of her character and now fans have requested that they implement her in other upcoming Zelda games. Since Nintendo didn’t want Linkle to become Link’s sister, this idea became scrapped due to an existing character “Aryll” which is Link’s sister in Wind Waker. Her name becomes questionable since her name conceives us into thinking she is the female version of Link, presumably a descendant of Link. All we know is that Linkle has her own story that makes her legacy.

Surely nothing is more iconic than Link; after all, Link has always been connected to the Zelda Franchise. Usually in Zelda games, there is a some romantic connection between Link and his friends. A female Link doesn’t mean she isn’t going to fall for Zelda, or perhaps another tale of saving Hyrule and Princess Zelda which has nothing to do with a love story.

Since Link is seen falling for Princess Zelda, how would this impact the story of the game of having a female Link? First, every Zelda game has a different story that lays with the author who’s explaining it. Link reincarnates with every Zelda game along with different timelines; the stories would each have its own interpretations.

Every Zelda game has a different storyline, we can tell that the developers wanted us to project ourselves into Link’s character and decide the fate of the story. Fans don’t have to worry so much about Link getting replaced.