11/27 Schedule Change

11/27 Schedule Change

Schedule Provided by Administration

On Tuesday, November 27th, A-TECH students will have an altered schedule for the day to allow time to do surveys for the school. The day will continue to be a full day of school, with the exception of the classes ending at a later time, starting with fourth period.

Fourth period’s instructional period ends at 10:12, allowing for the survey to begin and end at 10:44. Lunches will be based off of fifth period as usual. An announcement will be made during fourth period to signal the end of the instructional period and alert teachers to let students begin, but students are to remain in their fourth period classes.

The survey is the annual teacher analysis to get student feedback on each of their teachers’ overall effectiveness, average hours out of class, and an optional section on what is enjoyed in the class and what can be improved.

All answers remain anonymous and are reviewed by administrators before being released to teachers.

Remember, because of the later classes endings, eighth period will not end until 2:10 pm, so be sure to arrange any changes if you get picked up and hurry if you take the bus as they still leave at 2:20 pm.

Happy surveying, Mavericks!