Fallout 76: Review

Screen capture of some of the beautiful lighting and landscape in Fallout 76

Brennan Galvin

Screen capture of some of the beautiful lighting and landscape in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 was released on November 14, and many players find it boring. Masses of controversy have arisen since the release of the game.

Fallout 76 is the newest installation of the Fallout franchise, taking place in West Virginia. Fallout 76 is a new addition with a newly added feature: multiplayer. However some are not liking the changes Bethesda (the game studio in charge of Fallout) has made to the game.

Critics and fans alike are mad at the changes taken, such as no non-playable characters, most people think it relies too heavily on the multiplayer aspect.

IGN’s Brandin Tyrrel saying, “Other than 20-something other players spread so thinly over a massive map that chance encounters are rare outside of quest locations, just about the only voices you’ll hear are recordings of long-dead quest givers, robots, and AI constructs who simply deliver information at you.”

Another aspect where the game fell short was in its player vs. player mode. Even if you try to kill someone you get no advantage whatsoever, except what Tyrrell describes as “a price on your head.” A reward of caps, the main currency, is offered for your killing.

The PVP, however, is balanced such that even people with the biggest guns and armor still have to be skillful to kill lower level players.

He also comments on the combat saying it comes between, “floaty and just fine.”

Tyrrel’s final verdict was a 5/10.

The community is not taking this lightly, on Metacritic, a website used to give a general overview of what people are saying about a game, user scores are a whopping 2.9/10 with constant fluctuation between 2 and 3.

One user, nattystride, says, “It’s a boring, tedious slog over vast distances filled with not much of anything,” giving it a zero out of ten.

Others seem to agree saying, “there is nothing to play.”

With all this controversy we decided to try it ourselves. Playing quite a bit of the opening to get first impressions, we decided that there was content here but not in the same fallout sense.

Fallout 76 is buggy at every corner, visual glitches litter the field with people phasing through the bottom of the world and cliff faces being non existent. The final boss itself even bugs out for almost every player making it virtually impossible to fight.

More bugs riddle the field, bugs in the combat make enemies have still animations while trying to kill you. Other glitches make it impossible to switch weapons, or cause weapons to lose all durability randomly. Common visual and other bugs show Bethesda’s lack of effort in designing Fallout 76

The rock face is missing parts of this rock, allowing us to see all the way through the ground. Taken by Brennan Galvin

Another aspect is the lack of personality in Fallout 76. Without non-playable characters, the game feels empty and boring without friends. Fallout 76 becomes uneventful and more of a time killer as the game progresses. 

What players have realized is that the missing ‘something’ in Fallout 76 is people.

People are few and far between in Fallout 76, causing the game to lack needed personality. Playing with friends in this game makes it much better as you don’t feel so alone, but doing the opposite will have you bored out of your mind.

The newly revised crafting system allows you to scrap weapons and junk for modifications and materials you need to personalize your weapons and armor. However, it does become tedious occasionally as you need to find a number of weighty weapons and scrap them for a chance at a good modification.

Another neat feature are the new enemies; all of the old are there along with new breeds of mutant creatures not seen before Fallout 76. These enemies provide Fallout 76 with some well needed depth and challenge. The enemies feel challenging at first, but later on, it falls short with poor A.I that tends to get stuck, making the game feel boring again.

New gun mechanics feel a bit more fleshed out than Fallout 4, but not as in depth as Fallout: New Vegas. Our recommendation is play with friends, get it on sale, and expect an average MMO exploration game with nothing more than a walking simulator with visual bugs.

Overall, Fallout 76 is a game with a lot of potential, but because of the bugs and lack of personality in NPC’s, the game falls short, and it does not even compare to its predecessors.

Fallout 76, instead of being our dream Fallout game, became a buggy nightmare.

Our recommendation is to get it on sale and play with your friends to have an enjoyable experience.

Our final verdict:  4/10