Pros and Cons of Video Game Glitching


“Skyrim Glitch Vorstag Floating Above the Water” By A.Currell is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Val Stovner

Last week in the game The Division, a player found a glitch in the game that allowed him to get great gear with little to no work. Because of this the developer, Ubisoft, have stated that this is against the terms of agreement and that player who do this can be punished.

After the expansion, the Falcon Lost, which added a new raid, a rumor started to go around about how the raid could be completed in less than 20 minutes and be reseted so you could do it again. Soon, in PvP zones it became obvious that this rumor was true, since players were walking around with gear far stronger than anything that is commonly found.

The way that the glitched worked is by simply being able to place a barrier through a wall which would then glitch you through the wall, in essence skipping over half of the raid. Because of this, you do not progress in the quest, making it so you can reset it and get the boss lot again. Ubisoft says that this is against the codes of conduct and players can be banned because of this. Players say that this is perfectly allowed since it is a glitch and not a cheat. They also say that it is the job of the developer to make sure the coding does not allow this.

Within the last week, servers have gone down multiple times to patch this glitch, but players already found new ways to glitch the raid. For example, a glitch where you can get the APC at a safe house to fight the boss for you. So it raises a question if player should be punished for developer’s shaddy coding.

There is a reason why gamers glitch the game in the first place, and it is because the game allows us to. If it is against the rules of the game but the game allows it, can it be classified as cheating? Any person who calls himself or herself a gamer has tried to glitch a game before. The reason why is because we want to benefit ourselves in some way. For example, we want to have overpowered gear ether to ‘rekt’ people or just to stay alive in a no life, PvP environment, where everyone you fight has gear that would kill you instantly otherwise.

Ironically, the cons to glitching the game creates an endless cycle that can only be fixed by the developer. What happens when you glitch can lead to many outcomes. For one, you many force other people to grind, or glitch, to get gear that can compete with your gear. Afterwards, you are most likely get bored of the game since you can beat everything with little to no effort. Finally, you get people mad, and when people are mad you could get banned or hacked.

So does Ubisoft have the right to ban players, or is it their job to fix their bad coding? Gamers will be gamers, and they will exploit when they are allowed to.