Scary and Surreal Scenery


Alejandro Yanez Ledesma

Finished surreal product

Familiarizing oneself with new software and techniques is a complicated process by itself, so teacher Kelly Charles has had his Graphic Design I classes Photoshopping creepy and apocalyptic scenes.

Charles said, ”[Students] have been working on this project for two weeks and are putting on their finishing touches. They had to take eight to ten pictures from the tutorial and merge them to make an apocalyptic or surreal scene.”

A majority of the project involves following slightly outdated tutorials, so the students need to make the necessary adjustments to finish with their “perfect” results.

Freshman Lohgan Yeager said, “We have to learn how to color tone pictures to let them blend into other pictures. I think [the project] helps me for Photoshop, but I also think it was kind of fun because you got to make scary pictures.”

Color toning in Photoshop is the process of adjusting the current color using tinting (mixing a color with white) and shading (mixing a color with back). Color toning results from mixing a color with grey and blending or softening it, so the image does not appear “blocky.”

Sophomore Laura Sanchez Zavala said, “I am enjoying this project because I like the image that I am revealing, but it is becoming challenging because I need to focus on the small details quite often. The most complicated aspect is having the final image look exactly like the original because the tutorials [Charles] is making us follow are from older versions of Photoshop, so not everything is the same. I hope to learn how I can blend images more easily into other images because it will be super helpful for me with future projects.”

Students bettered their hand at Photoshop for use in the future all while they had fun in making something cool.