Stage Fright


From Pixabay

Peering eyes watching your every move as you depend on only what you have in your hand and what you know to get out of this situation. Many people can agree that this sounds scary, and to many it is. It’s a simple thing that everyone deals with: public speaking.

It sounds like a simple and normal task but to some it is terrifying.

“I feel uncomfortable and that I’m just going to mess up. All those people are just watching me,” said freshman Britney Gonzalez.

Freshman Amairani Reyes explains that “It’s scary, but I don’t get it. I try and get out of my head, and really just tell myself I can do this.”

The majority of the people we spoke with said they are scared of other things involving speaking but presentations are usually the worst.

However there are solutions to stage fright, and the anxiety behind it can lessen greatly by doing simple things.

One thing that works is simply talking to yourself about the situation. While this may sound weird, reassurance is a great way to calm your hyperactive nerves. Just telling yourself that you’ll be fine can go a long way and it’s highly effective to conquer fears associated with stage fright.

What is so often given as a solution is simply practicing and preparing and for good reason. This obviously works best in class settings and even for surprise questions you can think of an answer when it’s asked. If you get it wrong then oh well, go back to reassuring yourself because there is nothing wrong with small mistakes.

Just taking the risk is also highly effective. Putting yourself into more situations with speaking gives experience and makes you less nervous since you know what to expect. Placing yourself into your fear every once in a while can help conquer it. It will feel like torture in the beginning but in the long run it will help immensely.

Speaking is such a simple, yet often scary experience whether it’s in class, at a restaurant or just with friends. It takes quite a bit of effort but you’ll be able to look back and thank yourself in the future for fixing it before it got worse, way worse.