The Amusing Attractions in Game Development I

Students in Digital Game Development I are starting one of their many big projects, an amusement park attraction. Their goal is to have a fully animated, modeled and original amusement park attraction by the end of the quarter.

“First, [the students are] going to model, texture, and then animate, and then they’ll make a movie and present it for the class,” Lorenzo Hernandez said. He then added on, “they can come up with a theme, and it’s going to be an actual working attraction.”

The students are working in groups for the project, which is divided up into 3 parts. The first part is the planning, where they create a proposal in Google Docs and collect images that inspired them into a Google Slides.

“I was trying to think of something that would bring together everything they’ve learned over the course of the year and something where they would have flexibility and the ability to be creative,” Hernandez stated.

The students are currently finishing up the first portion of the project, and some have already begun on the second part. The second part is modeling and rendering, the process of using a computer program to create a realistic or nonrealistic image, the attraction.

“Our main idea is to have a butterfly roller coaster that’s ironic,” one of the groups, containing Holly Golightly and Aurora Hart said about their project. “The name [of the roller coaster] is ‘Swarming Butterflies,’ and you’re supposed to be afraid of going on it [because] you realized it wasn’t a kiddie ride.”