SkillsUSA Leadership Goes on Field Trip

From November 15 through 17 SkillsUSA leaders went to Sunset Station to learn about leadership skills needed to run an organization. The students left on Thursday and the event ran from five to nine.

SkillsUSA is a competitive event taking place in a variety of study fields between many schools across the country students in the leadership lead their team through the competition.

“We are meeting with from all over the state to learn about the leadership skills necessary to run a SkillsUSA organization,” said Rose Coe. “They will be doing group activities, listening to guest speakers, creating plans of success, learning how to run chapter meetings, fill out forms, fundraisers, and organize service projects”

The event took place on November 15 at 5 through 9, November 16 for the whole school day, and on November 17.

Students in the SkillsUSA leadership seem excited for the event.

“I feel excited, I am not sure exactly what we’re doing but it seems fun” said Lizbeth Pena. “It’s going to be a lot of talking, and I’m not sure what we are doing, so I’m excited to find out.”