Thanksgiving Break is Around the Corner

Students seem to be excited for Thanksgiving break.


suju on Pixabay

As the spooky season of October has passed with the thankful season of November approaching, students have been impatiently waiting for Thanksgiving break coming up next week. Student are excited for their plans they hope to be participating in this Thanksgiving.

Sophomore Karla Aleman-Valencia will be doing a couple productive things this Thanksgiving break.

“Mostly a lot of homework and organizing because regularly [during] week days I don’t have enough time to do what I want, so I will probably take a few days to actually clean my room. I will be going to Black Friday,” said Aleman-Valencia.

As Aleman-Valencia will be getting some work done, a senior will be doing some generous gestures during the break.

“I will be doing some volunteering to give out food to the homeless on Thanksgiving Day. They have an event downtown where anybody who lives around the area can come in and people donate food to them. Practically what you do is like help set up or donate food,” said senior Yosmerith Hoyos.

While others will be productive, some look forward to having fun during the break in school.

“[I will] hopefully to go my dad’s house and eat a lot of food. That’s probably [all of my plans], yea,” stated freshmen Andrew Ponce.

As she hopes to go over to her dad’s, Jordan Powell, a junior, will be going to Utah.

“I’m going to be in Utah spending time with my family. We have a cabin in Utah that my parents just built, so my family from Florida is traveling up to Utah,” said Powell.

In addition, Powell will also be doing other activities as well.

“ATV-ing, [but] only [with] the four-seaters. My brother rides the two-seater, [but] doesn’t have any protection,” continued Powell.

Though the Thanksgiving break is only one week, it is still one week of being away from school. Students seem very excited for this break as they will be doing many things over that short time period. Thanksgiving is a time for family and appreciating everything you have, so have fun, and stay safe!