The Key to Clown College


Ilona Couleur

Clowns of America International (COAI) is awarding scholarships of varying amounts to students aspiring to become clowns, applications due by March 1, 2019.

COAI plans to award students interested in pursuing a career in professional clowning, such as those planning to attend a clown college or in family entertainment educational programs that run a minimum of 10 hours.

“This seems like a great opportunity,” said junior Sam Self. “Taking into consideration the help and resources you get for applying, it’s a great deal.”

Applications must be sent through the COAI website or mailed to COAI Director of Education Adam “Knute” Schill. To qualify, a photo of oneself in makeup and an assigned COAI #, along with an application, must be submitted.

“Well if being a creepy clown is your cup of tea, then I guess you should sign up for it,” said senior Michael Skinner. “Not my thing though. Or maybe it could be.”

COAI specializes in aiding serious-minded amateurs, semi-professionals, and full-fledged professionals with training and perks to help them achieve peak clown. such advantages of being a COAI member include: access to COAI conventions and events, like the upcoming Viva Las Vegas 2019 convention; and discounts at clown supply stores, such as Mooseburger Originals, Silly Farm, and Magiloon.

“This is a sad reflection on the detrimental affects the rising prices of college has on our society,” said junior Calvin Carpenter. “College is way too expensive, and these scholarships are the resulted of failure in part of the U.S. government for letting this get out of hand and ruin students’ lives.”

Scholarship money must be sent the following year and cannot be spent on items such as food. Further applicant information can be found on the MyCOAI website.