Songs To Remember Me By



2018 is almost over and this year has been filled with songs, plus new ones coming out. This year should be remembered, and what better way to do that than to reminisce on songs of the year? We asked students their favorite songs of 2018 and how it made them feel.

Freshman Paola Alveraz liked a particular song that just came out last weekend. She stated that this song made her feel confident in herself through the artist’s lyrics.

“‘Thank U, Next’ by Ariana Grande [is my favorite] because it talks a lot about her history and her past and how she reacted to the things that happened in her life. It makes me feel confident in myself in a way because she talks about how she moved on after everything happened,” said Alveraz.

Some people like the music just for the rhythm and the sound, just something to jam out to. Sophomore Fernanda Angulo likes how the song makes her feel.

“[I like] ‘In My Blood’ by Shawn Mendes, it has a nice beat and a nice message behind it. It makes me want to dance and sing and EVERYTHING,” said Angulo.

Songs are meant to be related and meaningful to the artist’s emotions. Junior Martin Bell relates to a particular song by Drake.

“[My song] would have to be ‘Emotionless’ by Drake; it’s on his recently released Scorpion album, it’s fire. The song really depicts my emotions all the time,“ said Bell.

Junior Regi Ramos explained how his favorite song gets him thinking about his life and what he is trying to prove.

“I would have to go with Joji, ‘Slow Dancing In the Dark.’ Not for the purpose of the lyrics, but more into the beat, more into the what you’re thinking about in your past. He really reminded me of what I’m here for today and what I’m trying to present. It makes me feel about those days that I’m mostly sad, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t have a good day, that I can’t enjoy myself,” said Ramos.

Each genre of music has its own meaning and it can sometimes be reflected off of those who listen to it, whether it makes you radiate with confidence or helps you relate to what your feeling in that moment. It also might be something to bop around to in your room and give you a clear message of reality. 2018 was a good year filled with many life changing songs, let’s see what new tunes 2019 brings.