Who Cares About Thanksgiving?

Holidays are the best parts of the year for many people, and with the large variety of celebrations, there’s no question as to why. From Christmas to Easter and back to Halloween, people everywhere have their favorite, but there is one holiday that is often overlooked: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is sandwiched in between arguably the two most popular holidays in America, which often leaves it in the shadows.

With food, family, and gravy galore, some people adore the fattening holiday. Even those who dislike Thanksgiving admit that it is a important holiday.

Freshman Devynn Dunn-High said, “I just eat with my family, which is awesome.”

Dunn-High also continued on to say that what makes Thanksgiving important it the focus on family.

“I feel like Thanksgiving is an important holiday and… it’s for the unification of family. Family is pretty important and a lot of people don’t have that,” said junior Martinique Bell.

However, there is always an opposing opinion.

From infuriating family members to religious reasons, there are many causes why Thanksgiving is the worst time of year for many.

Thanksgiving, like most holidays, can tend to get pretty exclusive and many have definitely been a victim of that.

“I don’t really celebrate it,” said freshman Trisha Nguyen Tran. “My family doesn’t believe in it because my family is Buddhist.”

In most families there’s always that one family member you can’t stand. Unfortunately, since Thanksgiving is focused on the prospect of family, you have to keep up with them.

“All my relatives come over and they’re so annoying, they always come up to my room. My annoying little cousins like to go into my room all the time,” said freshman Monica Sanchez.

Despite Thanksgiving being a favorite of many because of the food, the options can tend to be very limited, especially for picky eaters.

“I don’t eat anything,” said freshman Alexia Alvarez. “It’s all meat and I don’t like that. Also having to be social, I don’t mind it, but I don’t like it.”  

Hate or love it, most people can agree Thanksgiving is an important holiday because it may be the one time of year family is all in one place.