Architecture Students Learn Architectural Lettering

AutoCAD students are beginning to learn how to understand architectural lettering in architecture teacher Rose Coe’s first-year class this week.

The purpose of the assignment is for students to be able to read their lettering, no matter where they’re writing, such as in the field or in a classroom.

“Architecture lettering is learning how to form letters that are basic strokes such as vertical and horizontal,” explained Coe.

Many designers and architects are expected to implement architectural lettering in their projects.

Thomas Moore, a freshman in the AutoCAD class, likes the assignments he is doing so far.

“The assignment is really fun, I can finally understand lettering and do it myself. Overall, I think the project is really cool. It’s just paperwork. Nothing hard to do,” said Moore.

Moore also believes that there isn’t enough time to do the assignment in the classroom.

“There’s lots of things to do behind the lettering, and it takes lots of time to finish it,” said Moore.

All assignments in Coe’s first-year class now have to follow architectural lettering.