The Results Are In: Midterm Elections

For weeks upon weeks upon weeks, everyone has heard, seen, and basically breathed every Midterm campaign ad created and on November 6th, the voting finally ended.

On Tuesday, the results were finally rallied up and here are the results for Nevada’s 2018 Midterm Elections:

Our government now consists of Jacky Rosen as our Senator, Steve Sisolak as our Governor, and Kate Marshal as our Lieutenant Governor.

To add on to our State results, the State Senate, State Assembly, and State House are mostly made up of Democrats while nationally, the Senate is Republican.

One of the ads that have been posted everywhere from fences to promoted as commercials are the “Vote Yes/No On Question #.”

The six questions are Rights for Crime Victims, Automatic Voter Registration, Tax Exemption for Feminine Hygiene Products, Changes to the Energy Market, and Medical Patient Relief, as well as Renewable Energy Standards.

The results for each, in order, read as passed to everything except for Changes to the Energy Market.

Now the two year wait for next term begins, but in the meantime, we’ll see how the current goverment changes.