A New Face in the IT Classroom



On October 17, IT student Daniela Randolph sent an email to a professional in the technological industry, Mari Galloway, to invite her as a guest speaker for the class. Galloway responded by saying she would like to visit on November 7th and requested to be reminded the day before. Just a few days later, Galloway, who has been a design architect for ten years, was at A-TECH.

Galloway will present after Thanksgiving break once IT teacher Melissa Perrin-Smith returns to school.

“Ms. Mari Galloway is highly skilled,” said Perrin-Smith, who invited Galloway to her classroom.

Having someone with experience in the classroom not only brings a benefit to the learning of the students but gives an example of how to succeed.

“I’m honored to have someone willingly take time out of their day to give me an insight in an industry I’m interested in,” said Randolph. “She’s going to talk about how to be fully prepared when entering the IT and cyber program,” said Randolph.

With this guest speaker coming over to A-TECH, students are excited for her arrival and will wait with open arms.