We Had A Presentation Today?


robinsonk on Pixabay

High school is bound to have awkward moments, especially when it comes to presentations. Haven’t we all experienced the dread? Everyone is bound to fumble or completely forget what they were trying to convey.

We asked students their most embarrassing presentation moments, and how they felt after they presented.

Senior Amber Hilton shares how her history presentation took a turn for the worse with the wrong presentation at hand.

“I got up and it was the wrong presentation, and by wrong presentation it was a presentation that I made for one of my friends about a TV show I really liked. Specifically a cartoon show and everyone was laughing. It was for History and I was a freshman at another school. I just wanted to leave. I wanted to disappear there. After, It kind of stung a little bit, one of my friends tried to make me feel better so that helped a little,” said Hilton.

Thankfully, Hilton later found the right presentation and got a B.

Sometimes the nerves can get the best of us, especially when we don’t have a presentation ready. Freshman Marie Fotso explains how her most embarrassing presentation moment unfolded.

“One time when I was doing a science presentation in eighth grade. I didn’t know what I was supposed to say, I didn’t study or anything. I just stood up there and said stuff. So I searched up something on Google and read the article. I did not feel good, I was sweating. I wasn’t even looking at the kids, I was looking at my phone the whole time. After, I still felt a bit nervous but then I just didn’t even think about it anymore,” said Fotso.

Forgetting to rehearse is one of the worst ways to start a project. Junior Hanze De Guzman explained his presentation story and how it made him feel.

“In freshman year for Bouchard’s class, we had a final speaking project and I didn’t rehearse, so she stopped me in the middle of it. I had to sit down and that was so sad. After, I was still sad, but then I forgot about it,” said Guzman.

Presentations are one of many things that students, no matter what grade, experience and fear the most. In the end, all jitters disappear and memories are being made.