Have You Gotten Pink Cheeks In the Classroom?


Kat Jayne

Throughout someone’s life, moments come and go like fleeting ribbon. May it be the happiest or worst moment of your life, there’s a fair share for everyone. However, most of these embarrassing moments are from school, as the first 18 years are spent in there. With constant social interaction from teachers and students alike, what could go wrong?

How ever old students get or how tough they try to seem, even seniors have had their own experiences.

“I guess it’s just multiple grades like, during presentations, I just get really shy and scared and I just don’t really talk. I just like, ‘I’m done, I don’t want to do this,’ and everyone just, like, laughs. It’s mostly, I don’t really know everyone so it just feels like a bunch of people are laughing at me for what my weaknesses are,” Ethan Alvaraz, from the senior class, explains.

Most of the stories are from getting an answer wrong in a class, and the feeling of embarrassment that results from the small mistake. Although most don’t even remember the mistake someone made, the feeling can often persist.

“In a classroom? It actually happened in Dr. Hern’s class. So I sit really far and, my glasses were really old, like they’re new now, but what happened was I couldn’t see the board and he’s like, ‘Name a justice,’ and I just screamed, ‘GERMANY!’ because I couldn’t see the board,”  Ricque Calzada, a senior, started. “[It was embarrassing] because he asked me to name a person and I said Germany in front of the entire class with confidence.”

“Not knowing an answer in Ms. Woods’ class, because you appear to be not the most knowledgeable on the subject and therefore that kind of impedes upon, you know, like a potential reputation of intelligence is gone and instead, kind of like people will view you more as the opposite side of the spectrum,” explained Jaden Nguyen, one of the juniors.

Some students are more unlucky, however, with the feeling of embarrassment coming from appearance or other similar problems.

“So one day, I was in class and I was sitting down, and my pants split. So that was pretty embarrassing for me cause I had to walk around. Luckily, you couldn’t see it but I still knew it was there,” Symone Moore from the class of 2021 recalled.

Some have a less drastic mistake, yet effect remains the same. A common theme between them is messing up step-by-step videos, which was even said to be more “disappointing than embarrassing.”

“One time, I accidentally doubled the size of the pegs when we were working on ukulele. And I accidentally said that a bit too loud and everyone in the entire class knew that I had scaled the pegs in the ukulele by like three. So that was great. [It was embarrassing] because it was step by step instructions and we were following a video and I messed up the simplest of things,” Brendan Dirks, a freshman, detailed.

“[The most embarrassing moments for me are] messing up on [step-by-step] videos that were given to follow and still like making mistakes. It’s not really that embarrassing just kind of disappointing to myself. [Also,] this morning I had hit my head on the [bus’ air conditioning] really loudly when I was getting up. That was pretty embarrassing because I was one of the first people out the bus,” Samantha Alvarez-Barraza, grade nine, retold.

There’s so many moments within someone’s life that it becomes even hard to remember the select moments. Yet, despite this, there are a few details that never go away.

“That’s really hard because I [have] so many embarrassing moments. I don’t know. There’s just too many that happened. One that I do remember is that, I usually mistake students for different students. I did that one time in my student council class. And it was extremely embarrassing, kinda felt like I just wanted to go home. It seemed embarrassing because I’m supposed to know them. Well, I mean, I changed classes during that time, so. I messed up their names. They were really similar,” Sydney Dube, grade 9, found her one moment tell.

“My most embarrassing moment was when I was in the slide. It was Halloween time and I peed myself. It was elementary. Yeah. Well, I was six so, it’s always embarrassing when you do it,” Alana Poole from grade nine, could remember.

With this, it’s good to remember that everyone can be pretty embarrassed at times. People often say it helps to remember that everyone’s been in that place as the one person who got the wrong answer or such.