IT and Cyber Security to Enter SkillsUSA Competition

The IT program will create a new team for the annual SkillsUSA competition. The National Leadership and Skills Conference will be held June 25-29 in Louisville.

The students have already signed up and paid for this year’s competition. They will compete in the cyber security and IT competitions.

We’re doing application of OS’s, things that make the computer work, we’re also doing cyber security which is a new division,” said IT teacher Melissa Perrin-Smith.  

SkillsUSA is a competition that strives to, “ensure America has a skilled workforce…” according to the SkillsUSA website.

Students who are participating in the event are excited to battle in local and state events in an effort to make it to the National Leadership and Skills Conference. Students participating in any events are expected to pay a fee of $25 to cover general costs and other fees follow if they make nationals.

I’m excited for the IT and cyber security competitions,” said freshman Cade Romero, “Angry about the cost? No I’m getting a free T-Shirt.”