Pros and Cons of A-TECH

A-TECH is certainly a reputable school, but there is always something that can be improved. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors at A-TECH all have something they feel like can be ran better.

Kieran Armstrong, a junior in the business program area likes how A-TECH accepts all students in the school.

“I like that A-TECH is accepting pretty much all people and that it really make it cool to be intelligent at A-TECH.  A-TECH is fun and it has lots of programs and lots of different ways to be included within the curriculum and I like that,” said Armstrong.

However, Armstrong also believes due to the size of the school it doesn’t really give off the proper high school vibe like other high schools do.

“I don’t like how small it is because you don’t really get the high school experience. Like you don’t get to go to football games, basketball games, and the dances are good but they not the same,” said Armstrong.

Throughout the 3 years that Armstrong has been at A-TECH, he thinks A-TECH should maintain its technology better to keep it up to date.

“I think the school should maintain its technology better, so instead of investing a lot of money into new program areas, maintain better uphold of the servers and things so the WiFi can work better. Buy new equipment and new computers before buying unnecessary things ,” said Kieran.

But A-TECH isn’t all bad of course. There is good in a lot of things at school, like the teachers and students.

“I like how the staff, and teachers are open and trusting.  Our school has many privileges that maybe other schools don’t have. It’s really good to know that the teachers here can trust their students too. The students here have integrity and I fell like that makes this school one of the reasons why we are the school we are today,” said freshman Jahzara Regan.

A-TECH students come to school to learn and not to goof off. We are all here for one reason and that reason is to get our education. You don’t see that at most high schools now a days.

According to senior Larry Fronda, ” I like the people most at A-TECH. They are some of the best people and they are people who challenged me to become a better person, both shool wise and overall. I couldn’t thank them enough.”

Every school has their own way of celebrating and having fun. Not all assembly’s are the same, not all spirit days, we all do things different.

“One of the things that can be improved on at A-TECH would be the school spirit. That could just be me being a STUCO nerd. With the upcoming years and clubs like BSU which tends to also be involved, I think that would make it better as the years go by,” said Fronda.

Oscar Nelson-Hernandez, a sophomore in the Computer Science program area, believes a strong point at A-TECH are the teachers.

“I love how the teachers are very supportive of you. They all help you with whatever you need. You can come in assistance period and ask for anything you have question on,” said Nelson-Hernandez.

Nelson-Hernandez doesn’t have many things he hates about A-TECH, but one thing will surprise you.

“If there is one thing I hate about this school it would be the lack of hand sanitize[r] around the school due to lots of unclean items and people around the school,” said Nelson-Hernandez.

A thing Oscar thinks we should improve on at the school is the amount of time we have for lunches.

“Something we should improve on is the school lunches. We don’t have enough time to eat and having a longer period of time to eat will make the school a little bit better for the students at the school,” said Nelson-Hernandez.