Ants Are Taking Over A-TECH!


Wenxin Chen

Ants in the SAC

Recently, ants have taken over the school, including the Students Activity Center, the student store, the girl’s restroom, and more.

These ants pester students as they try to enjoy they’re “A+” school lunch in the SAC. They seem to be coming from a broken tile in the back of the SAC. So, the students who sit in the back are most affected.

We interviewed a victim when she found ants under the table.

“I feel unhygienic. People eat in the cafeteria,” said junior Emily Schweiger.

People in the front and outside don’t know about the ants for the most part, as they aren’t around them, but they may have heard from friends.

Students may have also learned of the ants from the student store- the ants have gotten into the cookies!

We bought a cookie from the student store, and when we got back to my table to open it, there were ants everywhere!

Moreover, there are ants in the girl’s bathroom according to junior Katheryn Ellis.

“I’ve seen a whole bunch of ants in the bathroom before. They’ve been crawling on both the floor and the toilet seats themselves. Unless you really have to go, it’s probably best to skip the bathroom altogether.”

It’s known A-TECH has an infestation of bees in the gym, and now, apparently, there is an infestation of ants in the SAC. It is possible that one day, there will be an infestation of bugs of all kinds, everywhere.