Criminal Justice at the Mob Museum

Criminal Justice at the Mob Museum


On Friday, October 19th, multiple students from the Criminal Justice I classes took a trip to Las Vegas’s very own Mob Museum.

The Mob Museum, officially the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement was opened February 14th in 2012.

 The museum focuses on the history of organized crime, as well as the actions of law enforcement to prevent these crimes in the U.S. The museum has artifacts and also tells the stories of the crimes and the mobsters themselves.

On the trip, students were able to explore the museum and learn more about the histories of organized crime and law enforcement. 

“On the field trip, we learned a lot about how the mob influenced the criminal justice system today and how it kind of shaped the United States,” said student Ariana Deshazer who attended the trip.  

“I had so much fun learning about mobsters, mafias, gangs, and even seeing them as well. It was a great trip,” student Nena Pascascio excitedly said. 

Students actually saw films of Mobsters in action and were able to learn more about mobsters, mafias, and other gangs and how they work to commit their crimes.

They also got a view into the opposing side of the criminals, which was law enforcement. While looking at the law enforcement, they got to learn more of how the people of law enforcement worked to stop and even prevent the crimes being committed by these gangs.