Star Wars Rogue One Trailer


Felicity Jones, who portrays Jyn Erso in the new Star Wars movie.

Brandon Sumulong

Star Wars Rogue One released its trailer on April 7, 2016. This movie is directed by Gareth Edwards, the director of Godzilla. The film will be the first Star Wars Anthology film and a stand alone story in the Star Wars universe. Cast members will star Felicity Jones, an Oscar-nominated actress who appeared in The Theory of Everything and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Additional cast members will star Donnie Yen, Diego Luna, and Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker. Genevieve O’Reilly will continue her role as Mon Mothma from Episode 3.

Rogue One’s story will focus on a daring heist to steal the Death Star plans setting after Revenge of the Sith and before A New Hope .Felicity Jones will cast role as Jyn Erso. Her character is introduced as a smuggler being charged with “forgery of imperial documents”, “possession of stolen property”, “aggravated assault”, and “resisting arrest.” She has been on her own at the age of 15. The film is expected to be released on December 16.

“The trailer seemed very promising. It aims at portraying the side of “Star Wars” that we don’t usually get to see,” said Senior Brandon Thomas. “The Rogue One trailer gives a new story and characters to follow on their journey. I have a feeling that this movie may be a bit darker than the normal, mainstream Star Wars movies focusing a lot on the unseen parts of the Star Wars Universe. I am excited to see what this movie has to offer in terms of plot, characters, and overall moral themes.”

“I’m glad to see a portion of the Star Wars Expanded Universe come to life,” exclaimed Senior John Fossett. I always loved the stories told outside of the movies, which focus on non Force-sensitive individuals. It’s exciting to see how everyday people react to the events of the Galactic Civil War.”