Key Club Goes to RTC


Alfredo Gamalong

Key Club students across the Las Vegas Valley went to Green Valley High School on October 27, 2018, for the annual Regional Training Conference. The purpose of RTC is to train Key Club members about the organization.

Schools performed special cheers to see which school had the most spirit. Key Club members also wrote cards for veterans, made toys for dogs shelters, and learned about local activities. Participants went to these lessons as if they were in class periods in school.

“My favorite part of the event was getting to dance, getting to talk, and getting to do my service,” said Armando Hernandez. “I was able to do a no sew blanket, and I learned about this organization known as SHERO. It’s pretty cool because it was about women abuse and helping out people that are homeless and such.”

Despite the preparation A-TECH students put into their cheers, East CTA won the cheer competition.

A participant of the event Marcus Winters described how he felt about this.

“Oh, it was OK. If we had a better turnout, we probably would’ve done better, so I’m just a little bit salty,” said Winters. “Two-thirds of the club didn’t know it, and that’s one 0f the main reasons we lost.”

Key Club is a service-based club that focuses on giving back to the community. The president Hannah Nelson describes who she thinks the members of Key Club are.

“Key Club is typically made up of introverts and extroverts who are dedicated to serving the community and being the change they wish to see in the world,” said Nelson.