11 Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators



As October comes to a close, the time to get your costumes ready is steadily decreasing. For those that procrastinate, here are eleven last minute, do-it-yourself costumes requiring approximately zero effort.

Keana-Leoni Balalio

1) Error 404 Costume Not Found

Materials: Plain White T-Shirt, Sharpie (Optional: Tape, Paper)

Writing on shirt

  • Write the words “Error 404 Costume Not Found” with estimated center alignment on the front of shirt in Sharpie.

Writing on paper

  • Write the words “Error 404 Costume Not Found” centered on a piece of paper. Adhere said paper to a plain white shirt.

Now you’re costume ready for that Halloween thing you forgot about!



2) Greaser Costume (Like Danny Zuko)

Materials: Plain White T-Shirt, Leather Jacket, High Top Chuck Taylors, Dark Blue Jeans

  • Grab your leather jacket, plain white t-shirt, jeans, and Chuck Taylors. Make sure to have plenty of hair gel to keep that snazzy hairstyle intacted.

Bam! Now you’re just like Danny Zuko from Grease.



3) Zombie Makeover 

Materials : Old Shirt, Old Pants / Shorts / Skirt, White, Red, and Grey Costume Makeup, Red Paint 

  • Create small rips in the old shirt and pants/shorts/skirt, creating the ragged look all zombies have. Grab some of your red paint and make light spatters and hand prints on your shirt and pants/shorts/skirt. To make it more realistic, you can drag your hands lightly down your choice of bottoms. After you put the clothes on, dab some of the white, red, and gray costume makeup on your exposed skin. When it comes to your face, go crazy. Make it look gaunt, as if you’ve been undead for awhile or leave it light as if you’ve just been infected.

Now, go out there and find yourself some brains or whatever you like to eat!


4) DIY Fruit Costume

Materials: plain yellow dress, headband, 3 pieces of green felt, hot glue gun, toilet paper roll, scissors, sharpie/pen

  • Grab an old yellow dress out of your closet. To create the top of the pineapple grab a hot glue gun, a thick headband, and a toilet paper roll. First, you cut the felt into different length leaves. Next you hot glue the leaves to the toilet paper rolls, and then hot glue the toilet paper that has the leaves onto the headband.

Under a couple of minutes you are a fruity pineapple for Halloween!

Keana Balalio

5) Identity Thief Costume

Materials: plain t-shirt, stack of index cards, tape

  • Write “Hello My Name is: ______” on some index cards/labels. Fill out or have your friends fill out random names. Stick the cards or labels to your plain shirt.

You’re ready for whatever obstacles come your way. Just try to stop stealing other people’s names!


6) Superman/Supergirl Costume

Material: Superman graphic t-shirt, button up, fake glasses (optional) Put your Superman graphic graphic t-shirt on.

  • Put your button up on over your t-shirt and tuck them both into your pants/shirt/shorts. Button up the bottom few buttons of your dress shirt, revealing the Superman symbol. If you have a pair of glasses, go ahead and put them on. If you try hard enough, you can get that Superman curl.

Now you’re ready to be your own savior this Halloween!


7) Glow in the dark stick figure

Materials: Black t-shirt, black bottoms, black shoes, glow sticks, tape

  • Take out your black clothes out of your closet, and be a glow stick figure this Halloween! Buy some glow sticks, connect them, and tape them on your body. For the feet curl up the glow stick, and tape it to make a foot shape. Lastly, connect the big circle (which is the head of the figure) to the 2 long sticks (which is the body).

Hope to see you glow this Halloween!

Keana Balalio

8) Damian “She Doesn’t Even Go Here” Costume 

Materials: plain sweatshirt, sunglasses, piece of paper, pen/writing material

  • Write the words “She doesn’t even go here!” on a piece of paper. Flop into your sweatshirt, put your sunglasses on and pull your hoodie tight enough, so that it’s around your chin and forehead. Either carry around the paper you wrote on earlier or you can tape it to your hoodie.

Now you’re Damien from Mean Girls. Have fun and stay out of the “Burn Book!”


9) Ice cream costume

Materials: White Dress or white shirt with beige bottoms, colorful paper/felt fabric, scissors, hot glue gun, red balloon, headband 

  • Cut some strips of colorful felt, that is going to be the sprinkles. Next, grab your shirt or dress, and hot glue them on your choice of clothing. Then blow up your red balloon, and hot glue it on your headband (Don’t apply the hot glue on the balloon, apply it on the headband!).

There you go! You made an affordable costume, and would have a unique Halloween costume.


10) “I’ve Been Shot” 

Materials: white t-shirt, red markers/paint (something to create a blood wound effect on t-shirt), plain bottoms, face paint 

  • Get a plain white t-shirt, and create random “blood” splatters around the shirt using the pain or markers. If you wish, you can paint a bullet shot in the head to make it look more realistic, or have more blood splatters painted on the face.

Now, you’ve been shot and you’re themed for Halloween murder!

 Keana Balalio

11) The Bachelorette / Bachelor Costume

Materials: fancy outfit, rose (fake or real)

  • Shrug on that fancy outfit you save for “special occasions.” Grab a rose, fake or real, and head out.

You’re now the hottest bachelor/bachelorette out there. Slay this Halloween!

These 11 awesome DIY Halloween costumes will help you look spooky or glowing come the night of Halloween, even if you did them last minute!