The Winners of the Game Environment Contest Have Been Counted!


Alexander Keyes

The winners of the Game Environment contest in Game Development I have been counted, and they are: Alexander Keyes and Lauren De Los Santos of period one, Eric Austin of period three, William Kidwell of period five, and lastly, Tyler Cohen and Adedayo Adeoye of period six! All students in the class voted for who would each win in their period.

They had been using Blender, a free, open-source 3-D computer graphics software since the beginning of the year, and the contest was actually their quarter project.

“In Digital Game Development, we were tasked to create a 3-D model of a space colony. The idea behind it is to test what students’ have learned over the course of quarter one and to ‘release inner creativity,’” Lauren de Los Santos, one of the winners in period one said about what the project was.

Keyes’ project is a self-contained ‘city’ floating in space, with a space full of dusty dunes below. The whole area is shaped like a sphere, however, it’s made of black, metal-like bars.

De Los Santos, comparatively, made a futuristic civilization surrounded by snow and ice.

“I was inspired by the snowy planet, Hoth, in Star Wars, and Europa, one of Jupiter’s icy and mysterious moons,” de Los Santos commented.

Austin’s project is a floating civilization, marked by red tubes on an ocean with an imposing glacier in the background.

Kidwell’s project is a dark purple and blue rocky landscape with various glowing, blue crystals spread about. The sky is a purple and pink galaxy with yellow highlights and two flying drones with yellow lights. He commented that he just ‘went with it,’ and didn’t have a set idea.

“I didn’t really have an idea of what I was going to create,” Cohen, one of the winners from 6th period, started. “The process that I went through was [that] I made everything that was required, and then I modified and tweaked each different element of the picture to make it better in some aspect.”

Cohen’s project is a martian-like area, set on a slightly rocky, dusty red landscape with bright green and red structures. There are also two spaceships shown, one bright green and the other a silver color.

Adeoye’s project is a dusty purple landscape with a futuristic platform set in the middle. There’s an alien-like tower nearby, with a dusty lemon-yellow coloring and a glowing, bright purple ball in the middle of it. On top of the platform is the civilization, with one main tower in the middle of it.

If anyone wants to view all of the winner’s creations, they can be seen here: