First CyberPatriot Competition on November 2nd

The first CyberPatriot competition will be on November 2nd, and will last about 6 hours.

CyberPatriot pins teams around the country against each other in cyber defense related scenarios.

They’re not playing games, they’re hardening there servers and hardening their switches,” said cyber security and IT instructor Melissa Perrin-Smith. “They are going to have challenges, windows 7 and 10 images.”

An image is a copy of a computer that can be ran in some programs, like VMware, the kind of things they have to do in the image.

“When they pull the images up they have a scenario, somebody’s hacked in. They type their security profiles they’ll look and see what the bad guy did and document it,” said Perrin-Smith.

You’re entire team gets there once the entire team gets there you boot up a program called VMware you have images of different operating systems,” freshman Cyberpatriot member Cade Romero said. “For example, I’m a windows guy, so I’ll be opening a windows 10 or windows server, and we will find usually 10-15 security vulnerabilities on there. Your goal is to get rid of those vulnerabilities.” 

 In short, the CyberPatriot competition challenges students to reduce damage caused by a hacker, remove all vulnerabilities, catch the bad guy and document it all. Luckily, the participants are in “teams of at least 5” according to Perrin-Smith.

Students are also encouraged to cheer on the participants.

Cheer us on, make sure you come by and [say] ‘go mavericks,’”said Melissa Perrin-Smith.