NAWIC Competition Underway

NAWIC (The National Association of Women in Construction) is a competition that the Juniors in Architecture are currently working on. The competition is based around designing an internet cafe that can attract the most customers while being comfortable for the customers as well. The Seniors will soon be joining the Juniors in participating in the competition. This competition applies principles that Architecture students have been practicing and learning throughout the year.

“Architecture is a huge contributor in the Internet Cafe project that we are working on because it helps from a design standpoint,” said Junior Spencer Whitefoot.

“Architecture plays a huge role in this competition because it helps compile a design that attracts the most people to the cafe,” added Junior Justin Nguyen.

Not only does this competition apply the technical aspects of Architecture, it also applies design theory in Architecture.

“I am trying to make the design of my cafe to be more comfortable for the public, like adding more comfortable seating,” explained Whitefoot.

“My design is one that brings in the most amount of people. I added windows that look out into the city to add a bit of flair to my Internet cafe,” said Nguyen.

Some Senior students are looking forward to working on this competition in the upcoming days.

“I’m looking forward to the NAWIC competition because I feel like it’s going to be fun to do! I am already thinking about a design and how I am going to put hallways and rooms to make it all connect,” said Senior Stephanie Perez.

NAWIC is a tool that the Junior and Senior students will use to test their abilities in Architecture.