Freshman Lessons Learned from Quarter One



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Quarter one was filled with numerous lessons learned for the new freshman at A-TECH. Students realized they need to do something about their previous mistakes so they won’t happen again.

Freshmen have a common lesson they have all have learned in quarter one: not procrastinate on assignments and to have a plan.

Ebube Okpara is a student in the computer science program arena, and the biggest lesson she learned in quarter one was time management.

“The biggest lesson I learned in quarter one was honestly time management because I would do my work last minute and I would feel so suffocated by all the work I have,” said Okpara.

Due to the overload of work she had to do in a short period of time, it would lead to bad and poor grades on the assignments.

“Then [the assignments] would be so badly done and so I would get bad grades on them,” mentioned Okpara.

To some students, putting all there time into one project can lead to them not having enough energy for the others.

Alana Sprokym is a student in the IT program area and thinks students shouldn’t always work hard on only one project.

“The biggest lesson I learned was that you shouldn’t always work hard on one project, especially when it comes to huge projects or assignments,” said Sprokym.

Due to lots of works given to Sprokym, she put a lot of work into it and was too drained to finish all her other work.

“Since in quarter one teachers [have] given me lot of big project[s], such as the hotel project from Mr. Thomsen, they were due like almost the same day and I had to really work hard to do everything in a short period of time,” mentioned Sprokym.

Getting ahead isn’t always a bad idea when it comes to schoolwork at A-TECH. Students can stay on task and be ahead of the game.

According to Kalan Cole, a student in the High School of Business Program area, getting ahead will help him.   

“If I start my assignments early and try to complete them as fast as I can, I can keep up with them later,” mentioned Cole.

This keeps students grades on track and gets them what they want, with not having to stress over numerous assignments due soon.

“It’s helping me keep good grades and not have missing assignments, which is what I want to see,” mentioned Cole.

Having a plan on how you want to get through at least one week at a time is better than having nothing.

Lessons are being learned all throughout the year. Freshman students will learn the most lessons this year being that it is their first year in High School. They are getting used to different ways teachers teach, they are understanding the way things work, and most of all they are learning how to stay organized or have a plan or even to keep up with our assignments.