The Big Squeeze Project

On the October 15 2018, the High School Business students started their 3rd project for the year titled the ‘Big Squeeze’. With the focus on what factors affect businesses and how the businesses respond to these factors, the students will be working on the project for the course of 4 weeks.

In this project, students will acquire the knowledge of factors that come into play in a business environment. In order to achieve this, they will be following certain objectives, which include the following:

Explaining how organizations adapt to today’s markets, conducting an environmental scan to obtain business information, determining the relationship between government and business, describing legal issues affecting businesses, explaining the nature of business ethics, discussing the global environments of global trade, identifying ways that technology impacts business, and describing current business trends.

Sherry Stidhum, one of the instructors for High School Business students also explains the importance of this project.

“We are required to follow a strict timeline and that’s really the schedule created for us by MBA research,” said Stidhum.

MBA, which stands for Masters of Business Administration, research is a research center that supports nationwide Business administrators. With thorough research on business, they’re able to determine what would work best for the High School Business students.

This project requires teams of four students. Each team will select a publicly traded company that does business internationally to be the focus of its work, and conduct online research that ties their team’s company certain environmental factors. These factors include legal issues and government regulation, ethnic and the global environment, cultural and social issues and global trade, finally technology and business trends.

“Oh it’s fine and fairly easy, ” said freshman Alejandro Yanez. “The project helps us learn more about the business environment and what affects it, while the blog portion will help improve our writing and revising skills.”

Freshman Amairani Reyes also added to this by stating what she’s learned so far.

“This project has been very eye-opening in terms of learning about different factors like environmental and economic affect businesses, and how business deals with this factor,” said Reyes.

This project will also include a presentation which is scheduled to start on November 14th for the 3rd-period class and November 15th for the 4th period. This will require all research to be completed by November 9th.

Ultimately this standalone project will be the 3rd project this year for High School Business students, and with each project focusing on a different aspect of business, one can only wonder what we can expect next from the administrators.