Excuser, Liar, Your Pants Are On Fire



Whether your dog did your homework or you were just too lazy to finish, everyone’s told their fair share of excuses. Parents and teachers have to face a lot of excuses, and no two are quite the same.

“Okay, so I was missing an assignment and I was telling my parents that I ‘forgot it,’ even though I remembered it and just purposely did not do it,” Ismael Benhayoune, Freshman, explained.

“I was making a sign to ask a girl out for Homecoming, and I called it an English project,” William Giraldo, Freshman, stated.

“Sometimes, when I’m supposed to be doing homework, I don’t. Like, they ask, ‘Oh, are you doing homework?’ and I go ‘YUP,’ and go back on my phone,” Zella Jones, Freshman, said.

“[It was] probably that I had something come up just so I could get out of doing [something] and do it later,” Junior David Fleisher replied.  

“That they lost [the assignment], or the teacher didn’t tell me it was due that day,” Jaylan Daniels, Junior, noted.

“Yes. I said that my brother took my bag and took my work out. One time, my dog actually ate my homework. He ate like half of it before I noticed. I tell her everything is fine on an assignment when it’s really not. My teacher made homework passes and I made copies of them and I lied to her about it,” stated a small group involving Auriah Horton, Junior, Maya Akcar, Sophomore, and Piper Baack, Sophomore.

There are also those who claim to not have given an excuse, and can’t remember the last time they didn’t tell the truth.

“Me and my aunt are pretty honest with each other, we’re pretty close so we don’t lie to each other,” Isabella Hinkle, Freshman, stated.

“No,” stated Junior Brandon Bushman. “Not that I can remember.”

There were a few students who would like to stay anonymous for this interview.

One eleventh grader revealed of their time by saying, “I didn’t go to school and I told the teacher I was sick. I didn’t go to school because I didn’t do the assignment.”

Another eleventh grader recounted that they had come up with another excuse and said, “I’ve had legit excuses before, but they have been genuine. Like, if my parents tell my to do homework, I tell them I don’t have any or that I did it already.”