Fall Things: From Best to Worst



from Pixabay

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year with two major holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is the favorite season for many. However, for every good thing there are always downsides and Fall is no exception.

These are the top ten most annoying things for fall ranked from best to worst:

10. Mother Nature is Ugly:

The start of fall also comes with the fall of leaves. So for my people who live in areas with a lot of trees you can add one more thing to your to do list. Raking up leaves. Standing outside in the cold freezing while your stuck raking leaves is not fun for anyone. It also leaves your once full of life trees looking dead, due to the lack of leaves on its branches. Most of us are already more than busy and we don’t need any more things added to our to do list. 

9.) Too Many Cringey Costumes:

It’s spooky season! With spooky season you would expect a lot of spooky outfits, and a lot of costumes do deliver however they’re a lot of costumes that miss the mark by just a little bit. Actually scratch that, they miss the mark by a lot. From terrible couples costumes, to people dressing up as tampons. They sure don’t miss the mark on creativity, we’re just not sure if it’s really the kind of creativity anyone would want to show off.

8.) Pumpkin Spice E V E R Y T H I N G:

I can definitely understand the appeal but I think it gets to a limit after pumpkin spice cereals and pringles (yes, pringles). It’s everywhere, so much so that people started making jokes about pumpkin spice toilet paper and pepto-bismol. Just… Let us get back to simpler times where the smell wasn’t everywhere.

7.) The Homecoming Craze:

Homecoming can definitely be a blast for the students that want to go, however it can get pretty annoying when it is the topic of discussion for every single conversation. “ What did you wear to Homecoming?”, “ Did you go?” are some of the many questions that are constantly asked about homecoming. Sure talking about homecoming can be very fun, but just like anything else constant repetition can lead to boredom. So please put a cap on it and realize when you’re friends are tired of listening to you talk about homecoming.

6.) On and Off Relationship with School:

Everyone loves a day off from school. You get to do your favorite activities, without worrying about 3rd periods homework. However, we humans like a sequence. It makes our lives easier, and the breaks we get in fall are anything but. The breaks in fall are so many yet they’re so random. How are this many breaks packed into one season, but we barely get a break during spring? That’s not even the major issue, because of how randomized they are, it hard to keep track and they can majorly mess up our sleep schedule.

5.) Halloween Stress:

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many, because they love to dress up and people just love free candy. However it has its own stressors, from the making a decision on your costumes to how cold it’s gonna be. Halloween definitely has its downsides. These can be every Halloween nerds nightmare.

4.) Daylights Savings:

Losing one hour of sleep is torture. I already wake up early and I don’t need to wake up at basically 4am for school. Most people aren’t exactly very fond of this idea, some being barely able to function without the one hour reduction.

3.) Diets are Inconceivable:

First candy, then a giant feast and stores with never ending supply of fattening foods for winter… You really just can’t survive these months. Almost everyone starts rocking their fat for winter which is great, but to those of us trying to stay fit, we honestly just a have a cheat day that lasts all fall, we need the extra pounds for winter anyways.

2.) Why is Christmas here Already?

So why is it that I can walk into Walmart first thing October morning and find Christmas decorations? The displays are probably easier put up that way but it just doesn’t look the best. It’s literally just time traveling inside a store since one second it’s halloween and candy galore and the very next step I take brings me to the happy, jolly holidays. This isn’t even just a fall thing, my neighbor had his decorations up in July, I felt betrayed.

1.)Is it Sweater weather or Sweaty Weather?:

Cold in the mornings, hot in the evening and cold at night. You can never really dress right with the moody weather. Either realizing your too cold or too hot. It feels like mother nature’s hitting puberty and just can’t get her life together. Sadly, we’ll just have to deal with her till winter where she figures herself out for a bit.