Worst First Dates


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Everyone experiences a bad first date. It is nearly inevitable. If you haven’t gone through one yet, it’ll happen eventually, but the question is, how bad can these first dates really get? We asked several students for their personal experiences of what they consider they’re worst first date.

“So we went to a party together, and we were dancing. We were having a good time when I ate something that upset my stomach and got me sick during the party. As soon as he leaned in to kiss me, I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. I was so embarrassed that I called my parents to pick me up from the party. Once my parents got there, I quickly said goodbye without any explanation, and I never talked to him again,” said freshmen Ariana Alcala.

Alcala may have been physically sick, but at least she wasn’t revolted with her date like freshman Aubrey Davidson, was.

“It wasn’t really a relationship. It was like a relationship over text, and it was the first time we had even met in person. We went to the movies together, and he was just being so awkward. He was just standing there, smelling like spoiled green beans, completely ignoring me. First off, he didn’t have his ticket for the movie pre-ordered, and the movie we had planned to watch didn’t have any other available seats, so we had to pick another movie. Once we found the movie, we sat down, and he wouldn’t stop staring at me the whole time. And I was just thinking like are you going to do anything? Are you going to cuddle with me or what? After all that happened, he texted me saying, ‘Oh, that was a horrible date. It was all your fault,'” said Davidson.

Davidson may have suffered her bad first date experience at a movie theatre. However, it didn’t end in an awkward kiss

“Our first date was in a football game with a group of people, and he kissed me, but when he kissed me, it was like he literally just put his lips on mine and did not move anything,” said Sophomore Mackenzie Baack.

Throw up and awkward kisses may be gross, but can you imagine being ignored for the whole date?

“Basically, this guy had been constantly asking me out, and this one day I realized there was no harm in going, so I agreed to go eat tacos with him. After we met up, he spent the whole time on his phone and not paying attention to me whatsoever. To end it all off, once we had finished our food and gotten through such an awful date, he had the audacity to make me pay for not only what I ordered but also everything he ate. It was just completely disrespectful and such a bad first date,” said junior Edith River.

To end it with a bang, just listen to junior Alexis Rojas’ bad first date.

“We had made plans the week before to eat breakfast at a nearby IHOP. So he has a car, but he didn’t want to pick me up, so I had to find my own ride there. And then when we got there, he decided to order this huge meal for himself, but I wasn’t really hungry so I went for some small pancakes off the dollar menu. After we finished eating and went to go pay, he actually split the bill in half and made me pay for my dollar pancakes and a chunk of his meal. Which by the way, he didn’t share at all. That was the first and definitely the last date I ever had with that guy.”