Band Ice Cream Social


Jean Balzan on pexels

On Monday, October 22nd, music adviser Jamie Steinberg announced an ice cream social for students from all band and orchestra classes to attend on November 2nd.

Addison Andrews of the Social Committee helped to organize this event.

“I came up with this idea as a purpose to uniting the students together so we could get to know each other better,” said Andrews. “The social [is] meant for gathering. I wanted to include a movie, but we are currently in the process of making that possible for [the student’s] enjoyment!”

Students expressed their interest in the event.

“I’m feeling excited about the ice cream social. I think it’ll be a god way for band and orchestra kids to get together and enjoy each other’s company,” said band student Jazmin Pedroza. “I plan on attending most of the ice cream social, just because I need to pick up my little brother from school, otherwise, I would stay the full length.”

Steinberg sent out a Google Forum on Classroom to get student opinions on what type of ice cream they wanted. Options included vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but a later option within the forum gave students the chance to recommend different flavors and specify and certain types of dietary restrictions.

“I’m hoping there will be chocolate chip cookie [ice cream] available because that is my favorite flavor,” continued Pedroza. “What I’m looking for the most during [the social] is to simply have a good time with my friends while we enjoy some ice cream.”

All band and orchestra students are encouraged to attend the event.

“I am very excited for the social! I want to meet all of the orchestra and band students and have some sort of idea on their opinions on music. The social will be a fun and enjoyable experience for many people, I believe,” expressed Andrews.