Fall Starbucks Drinks



It’s that time of the year! Fall season is arising and what better way to spend it then grabbing a nice, warm beverage and delicious pastry from Starbucks? We asked students their favorite drink from Starbucks and why they liked it.

“My favorite is the Triple Mocha Frappuccino due to the very high intensity of the mocha and it gives that nice vibe in the beginning of the day. Where you’re just so tired, but yet you feel so extravagant and so filled with all this energy of the mocha that it leads you up to be energetic,” said Junior Regi Ramos.

Some like their orders just off the menu, but Senior Lauryn Carlton has a specific preference she gets on her trips to Starbucks.

“My special order would be the Caramel Frappuccino, but with almond milk,” said Carlton.

One particular student was in season and likes her beverage on the fall menu.

“My favorite is [the] pumpkin spice latte because I like pumpkins,” said Freshman Samantha Alvarez.

Although Starbucks is known for having these mouth watering drinks, there was one that just didn’t interest Carlton.

“My least favorite drink is their teas. I don’t like them, I feel that they are bitter,” said Carlton.

Starbucks is not only know for their beverages, but also their pastries. We asked the students their all time favorite pastries.

“I’d have to say the croissant because it [has] vanilla filling and I love it when it is filled,” said Ramos.

“My favorite pastry is the lemon pound cake because it’s really sugary and delicious,” said Freshman Gianna Archuleta.

“My favorite is their brownies because their nice and warm,” said Freshman Sebastian Castro.

It’s fall and grabbing some Starbucks is the right way to spend this season. Warm drinks and foods for this cool weather!