Teachers Using the ACT Word of the Week: “Vacuous”

This week’s ACT word of the week is vacuous, meaning empty minded. Students have been submitting their original sentences for ACT preparation and a chance of winning an Amazon gift card, but what happens when teachers are asked to use the word in a sentence?

English teacher Vali Crawford said, “After enduring my fifth period today I feel vacuous, I feel inept, totally vapid and void of all reasonable logical useful information.”

Woah, those are some big words, but that was an English teacher, so surely a math teacher’s sentence wouldn’t have such great diction.

“I don’t know what vacuous means,” said math teacher Kristen Taylor.

OK… so that wasn’t as great as Ms. Crawford’s, but definitely fewer difficult words.

Students should aspire to use their ACT word of the week as effectively as Crawford. As for Taylor, well, students can always use a dictionary.