Board Game Marathon Scheduled for Nov. 2



The Board Game Marathon date has been confirmed as Friday, November 2, in the SAC. The event brings hundreds of A-TECH students together every year to eat, drink and play. Ticket pricing has also been revealed for the event. Tickets will range in price from $2 to $9, depending on benefits of each, and will be sold the week of Board Game Marathon, as per usual.

“We’ve scheduled for November second, it’s a Friday, it will be the first for a lot of our new students,” says Ricci Underwood, the main advisor of Board Game Club.

Board Game Marathon is an event put on by Board Game Club every fall and spring of each year.

“We usually see between 350, and the biggest group I’ve ever seen was 500 or more,” said Ricci Underwood who also hopes to get more than that number to attend the event this year.

There are also some new things being continued this year from last year including the fairly new “play it to win it” tables. What are these tables, Ricci Underwood explained, “Students can play the game and after the game we have a drawing to win the game [the students] just learned how to play.”

There will also be some changes with the “game zone” area where students play game such as pool or ping-pong. “We would like to make some changes with Game Zone but we don’t know all the details,” says Ricci Underwood.

Students with scheduling conflicts are disappointed by the BGM date.

“I can’t go to Board Game Marathon as that’s our first CyberPatriot meeting,” said freshmen Cade Romero.

Others are enthusiastic about the event.

“It’s a great chance to meet new people and friends and have fun,” said junior Camden Yencheck.