Goodbye, Old TVs!

Goodbye, Old TVs!

Jeremiah Mendoza, Cub Reporter

The old TVs in certain A-TECH classrooms were being removed recently. Some teachers lost theirs at the end of last year, others the beginning of this year, and others not at all. These televisions are being replaced because they are obsolete models, and A-TECH is upgrading this year.

“The TVs were put in the 90’. As things have progressed, we could do things through YouTube and projectors, so there isn’t really a need for those giant TV sets,” said A-TECH Principal Jonathan Synold. “They take up a lot of room, [and] they symbolize a bygone era and old things that we want A-TECH [to move] forward [from].”

That being said, the question arises as to what will be replacing the old TV models.

“We really don’t need TVs here,” said Synold, for reasons such as space consumption and not being able to have flexible seating.

Although there might not be a TV replacement, there might be some sort of upgrade. Some teachers have received touch-screen TVs as replacements for the outdated models. One of these instructors is math teacher Kristen Taylor.

“It’s amazing… it’s like a one stop for everything,” said Taylor. “You can access the internet, we could do YouTube, we could do the Elmo, notes, we can access our Drive… It’s a major upgrade.”

With the TVs down, teachers have more space, will be better equipped for teaching, and have better seating options. Although the change may be slow due to the A-TECH not being in charge of changes, eventually all the TV’s will be gone.